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ICYMI: Game Strategy Exclusive Tips for

Learn from the Community Lead of Prospectors himself the best strategies for the blockchain game Prospectors


ICYMI: Week 2 Winners + a Quickie Tutorial on How to transfer NFTs in the WAX Cloud Wallet.

How To Transfer NFTs on Wax Cloud Wallet Tutorial Quickie + Week 2 Winners of Ultimate NFT Giveaway

Quickie: Wax Cloud Wallet Tutorial on How To Transfer NFTs on 
Get a free WAX cloud wallet here: 

1. Always double check your search bar for a secured: "
2. Select "Transfer" under the NFT you wish to send. 
3. Enter the WAX account address you are sending the asset to, fill out a memo (no pressure) and select transfer. A popup will ask you to "Approve" this action, double check the account and asset are correct and then click "Approve." Now, WAX on! 

The Ultimate WAX NFT Giveaway is an on-going giveaway created by Wax.School and made possible by eosDublin an active WAX Guild. ❤️️ 

📖 👉 About the Giveaway Rules:


How to add a custom token to the Wax Cloud Wallet Tutorial Quickie

The fastest WAX Cloud Wallet add a Token Tutorial in existence, officially a blockchain Quickie. 

There are 3 steps to add a custom token to your Wax Cloud Wallet. 

This tutorial uses the DUST token from NiftyWizards as an example. 
Get a free WAX cloud wallet here: 

1. Always double check your search bar for secured: "" and login 
2. Click on "Account Settings" and select "Cloud Wallet" 
3. Scroll down to "Add Token" then enter the Token Symbol (ex: DUST), the Decimals (ex:4), and the Smart Contract (ex: niftywizards), click save and WAX on! To double-check this from a Block Explorer go to and enter your account name in search and BAM! 
You are reading the blockchain data. 😊 


📢 Announcing the Ultimate WAX NFT Giveaway!

We want to give you free stuff! 🎁

⚡️Two Winners a Week for the next several weeks

Giveaway Rules 👀 👉

 Twitter announcement

Good Luck and WAX ON 🚀