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GoPepe's Meme-based NFT Collection Series 2: Pepes' Throne offers you a way to Earn WAXP 🚀

Series 2 just launched on December 8th: Pepes’ Throne and it comes with packs in packs, a unique burning mechanism, and ways to earn $WAXP!

The brand new series of GoPepe trading cards features 38 unique artworks in 6 breath-taking rarities and it just hit the icy fronts of WAX! It is official, NFT Meme's on a blockchain equal monetary gains. is #2 Top Collectible on DappRadar with the Series 2 Release

NEW BURN & REWARD MECHANISM: Pepes’ Vault! Contribute your Series 1, Hallomeme 2020, or Series 2 GoPepe NFTs & earn $WAXP! 🤯

How It Works…

Each burned trading card gives you points:

  • Tier 1 = 1 Point (RAW, Disguised, Wooden)
  • Tier 2 = 6 Points (Magic Pond, Sour, Fiery)
  • Tier 3 = 31 Points (Royal, Candy, Frosty)
  • Tier 4 = 156 Points (Cosmic, Horror, Haven)
  • Tier 5 = 781 Points (Ultimate, Warforged)
  • Tier 6 = 2000 Points (Masterpiece)
  • Tier 7 = 3500 Points (Artifact)

NOTE: The first week of Pepes’ Vault will be exclusively for Pepes’ Throne (Series 2) trading cards. Series 1 and Hallomeme 2020 cards can be contributed the following week.

Each week, it’s time to loot...Pepe's Vault!

Your loot, $WAXP, is based on how many points you farmed within that week. The more points you have, the higher your share.

Pepes’ Vault fills with 10% of WAXP earned from primary sales and 25% of author fees from secondary markets. Track your points on our brand-new dedicated Pepes’ Vault page, check out what... (More)


Project idea draft: AMM for NFT

This project idea is originally submitted for the Wax, but can also be developed at any other smart-contract-friendly blockchain for ERC1155-type assets.

This is the draft. Please share your feedback in the comments, so we could improve this idea together. Also, please share your thoughts of how could it be adopted by the current and future projects inside the Wax ecosystem :)


Automatic market maker (CPMM-type) for Atomic Assets or/and Simple Assets tokens on Wax Blockchain.

❔ WHY?

  • Develop a few new lego blocks that can be used in the establishment of DeFi inside the Wax ecosystem.
  • Create an assets' fractionalization (NFT sharding) with natural circulation.
  • Create an opportunity for Wax NFT holders to earn passive income.

💪 ADVANTAGES (over an existed regular NFT marketplaces)

  • All advantages of AMM (fair price discovery, absolute infinite liquidity) - see more here.
  • Increased tokens trading velocity forced by mint and stat hunters (see further).
  • NFT shards are fungible tokens that can be traded separately. This creates additional liquidity for the high-valuable NFTs.


  1. User deposits NFT and WAX to the liquidity pool (50:50 by price) and the protocol returns pool tokens (as in the regular CPMM).
  2. On every trade, protocol earns a trading fee (that is distributed to the liquidity providers). When a user buys NFT — he pays extra WAX to cover the fee. When a user sells NFT - he receives less WAX to cover the fee.
  3. When the liquidity provider... (More)