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Monthly Updates
Monthly Updates

Guild Update - eosDublin - October 2020

What a 2020 it has been so far. And we still have 2 more months to go!

We have been proud to serve as an Active Guild on WAX for the past month, below is some updates on our product pillars which we continue to build out and launch.


Wax School is continuing to build awareness. We have been quietly creating and pushing content and bringing awareness both about WAX and WAX.School as a great free place to learn.

In the run up to the end of the year we will be launching Learn WAX which will enable students to get paid in WAXP for taking the courses, engaging with the community and spreading the word.

We have been pushing out lots of WAX School Quickie Lessons on Twitter / Youtube and so far the response has been positive.


We continue to incubate projects under WAX.Studio , we are learning and iterating on how to bring the most value to our partners and the community as a whole. We continue to work on our new Arcade and Leaderboard and are testing a number of monetising models .

One of the projects which some of our team have been working with has recently launched on Binance Smartchain and has sold over $400k of collectibles in 7 minutes.

The world is moving very fast in this space and we believe we can create some interesting bridges to what is happening on Binance Smartchain and WAX in the collectibles space.... (More)

Guild Update - eosDublin - September 2020

These months are starting to pass like weeks. It's super hard to keep up with the blistering pace of everything is going on, the lads on the new WSWS give a great update on what hot and what's also hot!

Product Updates

WAX School

This month we gave a design upgrade. We are super proud of how it looks and feels and are getting some great community feedback on the courses we have live on there. Over the coming weeks we will be integrating the community platform into so if there is a question/feedback or idea the student can ask it from there and the community will be able to answer it and get rewarded for helping others.

We are also working on a Course completion NFT which would be non-saleable / non-transferable do when you complete your courses and assignments you will have something to showcase. Also just like coinbase earn we have allocated a budget of WAXP for students who complete the courses and engage with the community.

WAX Studio

Wax studio is our incubation area as well as being a simple place for freelancers and businesses to showcase their talent and look for gigs in the WAX community.

The only rule is the work must be priced and paid for in WAX. For our network and community to grow it is essential that we use our currency as much as possible.

We have two exciting projects being incubated in WAX Studio , the first the... (More)

Guild Update - eosDublin - August 2020


Following on from our post last month we have been grinding away building our content and engaging  and educating the community. 


Technical Update:

We are proud to have served in an active position on WAX for the past month. 

We are on track to have all our courses complete and live by the end of Summer.   

We are also busy working on a slick new design for which will enable students to use the same login from in and from there be able to ask questions which our tutors will be answering here right on  

Independent Music comes to WAX. 

We are excited to announce we have a deal in place to support Vernon Jane (over 15,000 mostly listeners in Spotify) with the sale of unique digital merchandise, this will be another world first for WAX, an independent artist using wax collectables to raise funds for the production of their newest album.   

So watch this space! 

Also We are in the final stages of testing of our leaderboard contract.  We've added some cool features based on community feedback and are excited to showcase this with a number of fun games in the next couple of months. 



Guild Update - eosDublin - June 2020

Technical Update

We continue to provide high performance infrastructure to the WAX network and community.

This month we have deployed a Hyperion v3 History Node

and are providing an Pricing Oracle to both Mainnet & Test Net -

@Sam Noble has just pushed a mega update to our WAX-Tools repo , check it out here

Product Development

We are focused on 3 Pillar Products each with a specific purpose and aligned with our principles of providing the tools needed for a community to grow.

WAX.School - e-Learning platform for WAX and Blockchain

We now have 2 courses live NOW and 4 more in development.

WAX.Studio - We are building a Talent and Project Marketplace where people can work together and get paid in WAX. We are working on a simple milestone / payment smart contract which will be available in September.

We are also about to ship a new blockchain leaderboard smart contract and will have some games showcased on in the next couple of weeks

WAX.Community - No community should fear getting targeted and scammed constantly which is the norm on Telegram, With we are building a place for people to gather, which can be used for well anything but some ideas are Guild Updates, Useful Links, Knowledge Base. Deal Making etc..

We’ve been working on it for over a month now with some key community members and are excited for what it will offer the community.

Community Engagement

We continue to be active... (More)